Custom Parts & Design

As more industries bolster performance with complex assemblies, optimally designed custom parts have become increasingly important.

Poorly developed metal components cause unplanned downtime with fit issues, have unnecessarily high production costs from superfluous fabrication processes, and erode manufacturer’s reputation with malfunction.

Fotofab Custom Parts PCM Process

Custom Part Design Capabilities

Product Re-Engineering

Fotofab offers a variety of custom parts and design solutions that will ensure your metal components are designed for peak functionality, streamlined production, and repeatable quality. Our services include custom parts and design, drawing review, existing component re-engineering, prototyping and small batch production, and material analysis and metal selection.

Custom Parts and Design

  • Identify and confirm intended use, design parameters, and relevant specifications
  • Provide computer-aided design and modeling services with industry-leading software
  • Create three-dimensional models and complete two-dimensional drawings
  • Prototypes can be developed

Drawing Review

  • Determine accuracy, complexity, and manufacturability
  • Performed on and off-site

Product Re-Engineering

  • Evaluate the developed design
  • Identify product functionality and material selection improvements
  • Optimize product design for improved manufacturability

Prototyping and Small Batch Manufacturing

  • Prototypes and small batches are fabricated using a photochemical metal etching process
  • Photochemical metal etching allows for extremely tight tolerances and configurations not possible with traditional metal fabrication methods
  • A photographically prepared mask is applied to the work surface, protecting the underlying base metal
  • Photochemical etching then removes the exposed areas
  • Capable of center-to-center tolerances within +/- .0005″ over 6”
  • Last-minute design changes are easy and inexpensive
  • Custom parts are often made in one or two days and shipped in as few as three days

Material Analysis and Metal Selection Services

  • Identify the best material type to improve product functionality, appearance, and service life
  • Our engineering department has years of experience and extensive knowledge of metallurgy, corrosion, coatings, and manufacturability
  • Proper material selection is vital to improve product longevity and avoid equipment failure

Common Products

  • Shims
  • Antennas
  • Washers
  • Gaskets
  • And more

Why Use Fotofab for Custom Part Design Services?

Fotofab is dedicated to meeting client product design and development needs. Our team can work from your existing design or create a custom part per your specifications.

We can partner with your design team to leverage resources and develop superior products from planning to production and installation. Our knowledgeable engineering team can craft custom parts for clients without in-house designers, saving time and money.

Take your product from concept to print and production with assistance from Fotofab. We believe in providing clients with affordable, efficient, and superior custom part design services.

Contact Fotofab for more information about our custom part design capabilities.

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