Medical Implantable

Fotofab’s photochemical etching process is a precise method that creates extremely tight tolerances and configurations not possible with traditional metal fabrication methods. We etch high-quality grade materials for medical implantables with a photographically prepared mask applied to the work surface.

The mask protects the underlying base metal while a tightly controlled chemistry removes metal atom by atom, creating exact-to-print parts.

Chemically Etched Components for Medical Implantables

Fotofab is a trusted medical implantable device industry supplier with years of experience in fabricating precision metal components. Common parts we provide for the medical implantable market include:

Others include precision etched metal components for stents, pacemakers, neurotransmitters, and implants for dental, structural cardiac, spinal, ophthalmic, and orthopedic components. Completed parts can be packaged in clean-room conditions to reduce environmental contaminants.

We understand how wear and tear can cause components to degrade over time and negatively impact the long-term performance of a medical implantable. Fotofab fabricates obsolete replacement parts or prototypes quickly and affordably. We often produce finished parts in one business day from your CAD file without the typical expense of tooling.

The Fotofab team purchases material from reputable suppliers, verifies compliance upon arrival, confirms, accuracy with precision testing, and audits completed orders prior to shipment. We are all accountable for the service and final product from the moment an order is received.

Our Capabilities for Medical Implantables

Millions of patients improve their quality of life of each year with surgical procedures that involve implanted medical devices. These tools replace body parts, deliver medication, monitor bodily functions, and provide organ or tissue support.

Help save lives by delivering your medical implantable devices to healthcare professionals faster and affordable with assistance from Fotofab. We offer specialty build-to-print, custom fabrication, prototyping, and consulting services to medical device implantables and instrument industry manufacturers and their suppliers.

Metals We Etch for Medical Implantables

We specialize in the photochemical etching of high-performance and exotic materials for medical implantables including:

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