Military Defense Etched Parts

The military defense industry involves research and development, engineering production, and servicing of military materials, equipment, and facilities. Reliability and precision are critical to the continued success of the defense industry.

Fotofab’s photochemical etching process develops high-performance products for military devices and components that provide widespread protection against a variety of threats to our safety.

beryllium copper

Chemically Etched Components for Military Defense

Our photochemical etching process is a precise method that allows for extremely tight tolerances and configurations not possible with traditional metal fabrication techniques.

Our team has decades of experience manufacturing a wide array of military defense parts, including:

  • Finger stock EMI gaskets
  • Formed metal enclosures for hybrid electronic circuits
  • Contacts
  • Connectors
  • UHF/Microwave antennas
  • Board-level EMI/RFI shields
  • Logistical and operational support systems
  • Drones
  • Military aircraft and vehicles
  • Radio transceivers
  • Avionics
  • Radar circuitry
  • GPS systems
  • Fine control systems
  • Remote monitoring and control systems

Our Capabilities for the Defense Industry

At Fotofab we offer an array of general, value-added and finishing options to bring you closer to the production finish line. While photochemical machining is our core business, we can use our extensive production resources and capabilities to offer the following:

Metals We Etch for Military Defense Industry

We specialize in the chemical etching of high-performance and exotic metals for defense, including:

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As a certified manufacturer and service provider, Fotofab is dedicated to exceeding customer requirements in the production and on-time delivery of high-quality military defense products and components. Get in touch if you have questions or are ready to start your custom projects.

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