Etched Parts for Electronics

Fotofab photochemically etches a variety of custom and standard metal parts and components for the electronics marketplace. The electronics industry is one of the largest and most competitive industries around the world.

Low Profile Shield for Electronics

Chemically Etched Components for Electronics

Our photochemical etching process produces complex parts within strict tolerances for a variety of electronics products, including:

  • Formed metal enclosures for hybrid electronic circuits
  • Contacts, pins, terminals, and connectors
  • UHF/Microwave antennas
  • Lead frames
  • Inserts for injection molding
  • Fuse links and busbars

We also offer custom and standard shielding products, such as:

  • Board-level EMI/RFI shields
  • Shielded enclosures with snap-on lids
  • Custom prototypes shielding with selective ventilation

Other Factors

Society uses an array of etched electronic devices that are found in:

  • Consumer applications
  • Industrial equipment
  • Semiconductors
  • Networking and communication components
  • Computers and office equipment
  • Medical devices

As technology continues to advance, it is important for businesses to deliver high-quality products faster and at affordable prices to remain competitive within the electronics industry.

Metals We Etch for Electronics

There are a variety of metals used in the electronics sector, but here is a list of the most common ones we etch at Fotofab:

Our photochemical-etched components are a great value compared to other manufacturing processes, especially in prototype and short-run quantities. Fotofab is equally competitive when full-run production quantities are required.

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Fotofab is an ISO 9001 registered company that offers superior photochemical machining to those in need of high-quality small metal parts. Learn more about the metals we etch and let us be a part in your plan.

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