Tumbling & Deburring Etched Metal Parts

If you have a large quantity of relatively small metal parts that need finishing, Fotofab offers tumbling and deburring to finish your parts with high-quality precision.

This method is used to deburr, radius, burnish, descale, clean, polish, and brighten metal component surfaces. Finished parts are tumbled in an abrasive media to remove sharp edges that can affect their functionality, efficiency, and life span.

Why Tumble or Deburr Metal Parts

In general, photochemical etching is a burrless process, however, if the parts are tabbed into the sheet webbing, they may require tumbling or deburring to achieve a seamless edge finish.

  • Decrease the number of part rejections
  • Improve the overall safety of a part
  • Prepare parts that require painting as a final finishing option
  • Enhance part performance, durability, and reliability

Fotofab offers tumbling and deburring metal parts services to provide you with a one-stop shop for your photochemical machined metal requirements.

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