Since 1967, Fotofab has helped engineers develop and produce precision-etched metal components. From standard to custom parts and from small-run prototypes to large production orders, Fotofab delivers ready-to-use parts for your products.

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality product in a short amount of time. Our turnaround time varies based on the scope and features required of the project. Therefore, we offer same-day, 3-day, and 5-day services on metal fabrication projects.

Common Products Requested for Acid Etching

Fotofab specializes in designing and producing custom metal fabricated components in both traditional and exotic metals. The parts can, and have, been used in a wide variety of applications in almost every industry.

Available Metals

Explore Metals We Chemically Etch

Here at Fotofab, we provide photochemical machining (chemical etching, acid etching) services for a wide range of metals and alloys.

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Fotofab is ISO & AS9100D Certified, ITAR Registered, and RoHS compliant.
Get in touch if you have questions or are ready to start your custom project.

Advanced Metal Etching for Precision Metal Parts

Photochemical machining produces high-precision metal parts from over 50 different metal alloys. It is mostly used for medical, aerospace, defense, electronics, frequency controls, and communications.

Fotofab metallurgists are available to help you select the most appropriate metal for your application. We’ve been etching custom metal parts since 1967. From etching aluminum to titanium, Fotofab has the tools to get the job done.

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