Crystal Masks & Spacers

If you need crystal mounts for plated quartz crystal units, then Fotofab has the answer with our standard line of pre-tooled 16 and 36-opening crystal masks and crystal spacers.

Crystal Masks & Spacer Options

When you choose from our crystal mask and crystal spacer library, which includes hundreds of pre-tooled opening sizes, you eliminate tooling charges.

If you need custom-size openings of crystal masks and crystal spacers, our engineering department can quickly create the required tooling at a reasonable cost.

Fotofab’s frames are available for both standard and thin crystal formats. Standard crystal frames hold both 16 and 36-opening crystal masks and crystal spacers.

Other Factors

Our more recently created thin crystal frame is designed to work with 36-up masks and crystal spacers holding crystals .320″ in diameter and smaller and up to .020″ thick.

Because the thin crystal frame has .062″-thick stainless steel everywhere along the frame, it’s ideal for reducing the tendency of the thinnest crystals to slip within a standard crystal frame assembly during the base-plating process.

Crystal masks and crystal spacers are available in 16 or 36-opening styles, with 120 or 180-degree flags. Single and 3-magnet bases are also available to help hold your crystal spacers flat while you are loading the crystals.


Value Added Services for Chemically Etched Parts

Fotofab offers an array of value-added and finishing options to guarantee your project gets closer to the production finish line. While chemical etching is our core capability, we have an extensive list of resources to give you a ready-to-use component, no matter what your requirements, including:

  • Electropolishing
  • Custom Packaging
  • Laser Cutting & More
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Fotofab is ISO & AS9100D Certified, ITAR Registered, and RoHS compliant.
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