4-Slide Machine Stamping Services

Four-Slide Stamping is a metalworking machine tool that features a horizontal press with four moving tools that strike the metal part from different directions. It is suitable for smaller parts (0.002-0.32″ thickness, and typically narrower than 2″) with a less complex feature geometry. The four axes make it versatile and less expensive to tool than a progressive die.

Fotofab’s state-of-the-art facility is equipped to help you with all small to medium size production runs. We can complete your project from start to finish, in-house, with 4-slide stamping or multi-slide stamping.

Common 4-Slide Stamping Products and Metals

Four-Slide Stamping is commonly used for contacts, springs, and small connectors made in a wide variety of metals. Our high-quality standards and craftsmanship remain the same from short-run prototype projects to mass production runs.

The most commonly used metals used for 4-slide stamping include:

Benefits of 4-Slide Stamping

The number one benefit of 4-Slide Stamping is that it saves you both time and money. The features of a 4-slide stamping machine combine a unique forming operation that reduces cost, speeds up production, and delivers a better end product, even those with complex designs.

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