Bronze Chemical Etching

Benefits of Chemical Etching Bronze

Key advantages include:

Characteristics of Bronze 

Applications of Acid Etched Bronze

Bronze’s low metal-on-metal friction is instrumental for a variety of applications, prominently featured across Fotofab’s core industries:

Aerospace & Defense:

Custom bronze parts such as precision-grade bearings and clips are vital for aerospace components, ensuring reliability and performance in critical environments.


Phosphorous bronze, known for its good electrical conductivity, is perfect for creating electrical connectors and springs found in various electronic devices.

Maritime Engineering:

The alloy’s resistance to seawater makes it ideal for ship propellers and submerged bearings, highlighting bronze’s indispensability in marine applications.

Medical Devices:

The non-sparking quality of bronze is crucial for creating safe, durable tools used in combustible environments, including medical settings that demand the highest safety standards.

Architectural & Design:

Acid etched bronze finds its place in decorative hardware, offering both aesthetic appeal and functional durability for rails, frames, and furniture components.

Other Factors

Different Types of Bronze Alloys

Available Metals

Explore Metals We Chemically Etch

Here at Fotofab, we provide photochemical machining (chemical etching, acid etching) services for a wide range of metals and alloys.

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