Etched Medical Parts

Advancements in medical technology are creating a shift in focus away from treatment, to prevention and early intervention. Fotofab photochemically etches various components for medical devices that diagnose, treat, and repair life-threatening issues quicker and more efficiently.

Fotofab’s precision metal component fabrication solutions can help get your medical devices to healthcare professionals faster and more affordable.

etched medical parts

Etching of Medical-Grade Materials

Fotofab specializes in photochemical etching of medical-grade materials, which is a precise process that allows for extremely tight tolerances and configurations not possible with traditional metal fabrication methods. A photographically prepared mask is applied to the work surface to protect the underlying base metal. A tightly controlled chemistry then removes metal atom by atom, resulting in parts exact to print.

Medical Equipment Metal Fabrication & Chemically Etched Components

At Fotofab, providing customers with quality products is our utmost priority. We purchase material from reputable suppliers across the US, verify compliance upon arrival, confirm accuracy with precision testing, and audit completed orders prior to shipment.

Some of the common components we fabricate for the medical industry include:

  • Filters
  • Snares
  • Surgical needle threaders
  • Sensor elements

Other components we etch are for monitoring devices, dental and orthodontic appliances, MRI systems, medical implantables, and veterinary instruments. Completed parts are packaged in clean-room conditions to reduce environmental contaminants.

We understand how wear can cause components to degrade over time and negatively impact the long-term performance of a medical device. Fotofab custom fabricates obsolete replacement parts or prototypes quickly and affordably to enable trials quicker so products can reach the market faster.

Metals We Etch for Medical

We specialize in the chemical etching of high-performance and exotic metals for medical, including:

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